Monday, August 13, 2012

Pub Names

I made up a table for naming "the local":

Pub Names

A half-dozen samples:
  • The Wizard & Bear Tavern
  • The Hog Lounge
  • The Wooden Club
  • The White Arms
  • The Orange Ghost Roasted Saloon
  • The Helpful Angel Abundant House

Yes, columns B & C are identical to columns D and E. Use "The", "&", "'s", etc. as necessary. A d8, rather than a d20, can be rolled on column F to limit the results to more "standard" fantasy names.

If you don't end up with any nouns or adjectives (a 1-in-16 chance), substitute the place-name in before column F. If you don't have a place-name, there are some herehere, & here. For example:
  • The Griefstanz Brewery-tap
  • The Trennov Cantina

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