Monday, January 7, 2013

Paying the Taxman

After so much blathering, I should apparently pay a tax. Unfortunately, I only found this out after I'd gone ahead with it, so I'm improvising here: a thing I've made and some notes on my "workflow" as it were, but neither is very polished.


Sometimes people ask me: "Ian, how do you know so much?" (this is true, but not in the areas this is about). The biggest trick is not to know actual facts, but to know where to find them. This is great, because the internet is full of facts, but they're not very well organized. I sometimes take it upon myself to organize things as I go (this is why I found MtG satisfying) and to take notes on my resources. Here are some of them:

Random Tables

I absolutely love random tables. I don't get to use them as much as I'd like, but for the density of information they convey, the convenience they offer, and the elegance of their mechanics, it was inevitable that I'd start collecting them. So this thing happened, and quickly spiralled out of control.

A table of tables
It's pretty messy right now, because the first thing is always to get everything in one place and then make it pretty. So I was waiting to share this, but I doubt it would have aver been finished anyway. The tagging is inconsistent, and it's missing a lot (for example, most of the Dungeon Dozen currently).

Classes, House Rules, Monsters, Items, Etc.

I also find lots of good things that aren't tables. I can't keep all of them, but if it appeals to me I add it to the Links to Wisdom wiki. Theoretically, the monsters wiki could also collect the monsters, but in practice I don't tend to add monsters anyway.
If it's a resource that can't be easily added to a larger one, I bookmark it. I won't bore you with a comlete linkdump (especially because 1. I expect this is familiar to a lot of you and 2. none of it's particularly well-organized), but here are some highlights:
I also have a similar collection of inspiration sources. Again, here is a sampling:
That sort of thing.

If It's downloadable, I download a copy, which means that I have a collection of random articles and things rivalling the size of my unorganized bookmarks. I may make some effort to go through these . . .

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